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The name “Triplice” (Triple in english); is born from an amalgamation of experiences in pursuit of knowledge and a balance between mythical concepts in contemporary society. The Triple name originates from the Triple Goddess; a pagan goddess representing the Trinity and the matriarchal society, it is the feminine polarity of all the archetypes: Old woman, Mother and Maiden, also characterized by the three visible phases of the moon. Bringing to a micro and intrasubjective plane: mental, emotional and spiritual and another plane, macro and inter-subjective: social, political and historical. The Triple Goddess does not rule the world, for it is the foundation of its origin, it is the creation, maintenance and destruction.
The Maiden
Life and sexuality that blossomed in the spring, when the new moon, still not illuminated by the sun, also has not been affected by the related cultural expectations to the patriarchal concept. The natural essence of woman is what she values and not be valued for what she is because she has complete freedom of choice to define herself, then your choice is the definition that remains pristine because she chooses secrecy, the secret of being. Often represented by a virgin, not by sexual abstinence, but the freedom of being full of herself and not the other.
The Mother
The full moon and illuminated by the sun, the warm, fertile summer, the warrior, lover, creator, symbolized also by nature, the creation and giving of life. Contradictory in today times, the mother is the one who cares, either inside or outside the spirit and she is not related only to the human image, even using human signs as the umbilical cord that can be distinguished as a chord, one that does not condition us to be prisoners to be part of something, and life being made of relationships, the giving for the act to occur, whatever its intention, we need to leave a bit of ourselves.
The Old Woman
The act of the counselor grandmother weaves the mantle, it is like the weaving of life, whose mantle is not hers but of the neighbor.
The waning moon loses its shine, but already reflected all that the sun could provide. The balance, knowledge, wisdom is the end of the triad which it embodies, for she had already been maiden and mother, it is the winter that even being a cold stretch, knowing how to light a fire, can be cozy. We are living the end of the process of self-knowledge (process of psychological maturity/individualization) that makes this a difficult moment, it is the end of a cycle and can be represented by the transformation/renovation and not death taken as an end.

Triple cults, specifically to the Mother Goddess, were common from the beginning of mankind, Paleolithic and Neolithic being theoretically the phase that begins the worship of goddesses and gods, whose cults expanded to different civilizations. With the rise of theocentrism, their worship has become a threat, giving rise to persecution in the courts of the Inquisition. Polytheism was a threat in a patriarchal society consisting of a sexual and hierarchical organization, it fed off a male domain in the private and public spheres, constructed from a male model of domination and virility, more threatening for this model would be worshiping goddesses, because then it would be about the plurality that is a transversal and enriching issue, but a social construction centered on obtaining development and mental/human experience would be a problem, after all there would be no space for the hierarchy and we would be living in a supportive and self gestive system. The Triple is an archetype of the female psyche, figuratively an ideology that will go from counterpoint to the cult of misinformation and beliefs and signs for women throughout history as a product. Our Triple is experiencing a period of transition analyzing the macro history where the power to exercise was taken from us in a society that believes that power is, and the greater the equality, the greater the empowerment and we go back to the primitive symbols of gods and goddesses in paganism were the foundation of their creation and not just a leader. We are Maidens, Mothers and Old Women, us women who are in this silent war. We are living a contemporary mythology in a system that conditioned us to inherent and involuntary worshipping, but who is the female Goddes of this mythology?

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