Hifa Cybe (she/her they/them),  stage name of Luiza Jesus do Prado (b. 1988 Guaratinguetá, Brazil), is a transdisciplinary artist. Hifa integrates the search for solutions through the intersection between art and science. Her artistic investigation involves traumas, mainly sexual, memories, psychiatric and neurological problems where art acts as a social repair.
Her research specifically involves the use of photography, noise and performance linked to other disciplines, such as technology, biomedicine, physics, neuroscience, biopsychology and psychology. His work suggests reprocessing and recovering memories and desensitizing traumas through the image proposing physical experiments of the camera obscura and the brain machine including studies based on the decoding of technical images, concept of photography, visual anthropology and also and also practical studies that deal with the impacts of the environment and climate change in mental health. Her work proposes a better quality of vision for people with mental illnesses and disorders or who have suffered some type of mental damage that impairs memory such as PTSD.
She is also interested in studies on ayahuasca and psilocybin in mental treatments and also has an interest in issues related to spirituality and ancestry.
Hifa is anti-asylum, adept at psychiatric reform and anti-colonialism in the mental health system.
Her has the ICD 10 F25.2 & F41.0*

about updated in january / 2021
​​​​​​​Access my complete artistic curriculum, you can also find more of my professional career at, Orcid, Curriculum Lattes or Linkedin.
Academic Formation
Graduation in Biomedical Science - Estácio de Sá University
Cinematography - AIC (Academia Internacional de Cinema)
Short courses
No-till system - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, EMBRAPA, Brazil.
Soil Management with a focus on Integrated Production Systems. 
Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, EMBRAPA, Brazil.
Direct seeding for recomposition of native vegetation - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, EMBRAPA, Brazil.
Introduction to Biofortification - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, EMBRAPA, Brazil.
Landscape Elements and Ecological Processes in the Atlantic Forest Biome 
National Rural Learning Service - RJ, SENAR-AR / RJ, Brazil.
Agroforestry systems for small properties in the Brazilian semiarid. Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, EMBRAPA, Brazil.
Meliponiculture: breeding of stingless bees - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, EMBRAPA, Brazil.
Bioconstruction - Hyperadobe Techniques- Aldeia da Luz
Meliponicultor 2021 - actual
Mushroom Producer 2020 - actual
Permacultor 2019 - actual
Artist 2010 - actual
Art Director 2008 - actual
Artístic Residences
2014 — Artistic Residence - Colonized Sexuality at MAC - Museo Contemporáneo de Arte de Bogotá – Bogotá, CO
2018 -—Something Else – Off Biennale Cairo - Cairo, Egypt Selected works - “Sinto Muito”
2017 — 2st Changjiang International Photo & Video Biennale Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art - Changjiang/China Curator: Robert Adanto Selected works: “Reincarnate Project”
3st Biennale Internacionale Casablanca America Section of the Biennale – Curatorial Project “We, The People” by Marisa Caichiolo –Casablanca, Morroco
Public Collections
“Gula” (2012) Digital Photograph w/ Digital Manipulation - MAC Bogotá - Museo de Arte Con-temporaneo
“Uterus” drawing - Municipal Museum Cusco - Peru
“Dance” - EAF - Enter Art Foundation - Berlin, DE
Individual Exhibitions
2020—Räumung - The Escape of the Involuntary Tenant at Aviatrix Berlin - Berlin, DE
2013—Tríplice at International Festival of Photography – Paraty em Foco – Paraty, BR Curator: Koi Gallery - Selected works: “Tríplice Project”
2013—Estruturas at Mundo Pensante Cultural Centre – São Paulo, Brasil Curated by Paulo Papaleo
Performance, Live Action
2017— Presença Permeável - Complexo Teatro Municipal de São Paulo - Paço das Artes – São Pau-lo, BR Live Performance - “Sem Rostos & Sem Cabelo”
2014— Mostra Performatus #1 at Central Galeria – Sao Paulo, BR| Curated by Hilda de Paulo andTales Frey - Live performance: “N’altura dos Olhos” w/ Natalia Nunes
2013— SYNNFEST – Alternative Arts Festival at Trackers – Sao Paulo, BR Live performance: “A Deriva de Édipo”
2013 - Perturbe – Performance and Noise Festival at DamaDame – Curitiba, BR Live performance: “O Pássaro Agoniza”
Collective Exhibitions
2021 (upcoming) Circuito Livre de Arte Independente (CLAI) - Curated by Maira Endo - Selected Artwork "I Miss You" (video-performance) - Campinas, Brasil
2021 (upcoming) - Art9 HongKong - Selected Artwork - Corrupted System (video art series) The Painter (video performance) - HongKong - China
2021 - LOCUS: VI at Locus Art Gallery Curated by Whitney LaMora
2020 - 3:1 2020 Confinament Projects - Covid 19 Artist Stories #Confi-namiento by Perfo-Red MX by Building Bridges Art Exchange at Bergamot Station Arts Center- LA - EUA - Selected artwork: “I Miss You” (2017)
2020 - Foto Pró Rio - FotoRio, Galeria Aymoré, Ateliê Oriente e Retrato Espaço Cultural - Rio de Janeiro, BR Curator: Bianca Bernardo - Selected Artwork: “Procedimento” (2020)
2020 - Brasil 2020 - SuperNova Arts - São Paulo, BR - Curatoted by Mia Siufi -Selected Artworks: “Gula” (2012). “Menina da Máscara de Gás” (2012), “The State” (2017)
2020 - #Confinamiento 1 – Museo La Neomudejar - Spain - Curated by PanchoLopez - Selected Artwork: “E, daí?” (2020)
2020 - #Confinamiento – REDMX - MX - Curator Pancho Lopez - Selected Artwork: “E, daí?” (2020)
2020 - Disobedient – Redefining Feminism in a Fractured Reality at ArtServe Gallery – FL (The curatorial team includes ArtServe’s Lead Curator Sophie Bonet, Carol Anne Mc Farlane and Robert Adanto)

2019 - Frontera/Border - Studio 74 - Curated by El Mapa No Es El Territorio –Bogotá, CO - Selected Artwork: “Border”
2019 - Da Forca A Liberdade - Galeria Liberdade – São Paulo, BR

2018 - Yes And No More – Paris, France - Curators: Matilde Cesareo, Olga Fro-mentin, Friederike Hoberg, Aldonso Palacio, Jiayi Chen, Yue Wang - Selected Artwork: “Pudor”(2017)
2018 - Dinamismo at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Bogotá - Bogota, CO -Curated by Juan David Quintero Arbelaez
2017 - Pacific Standard Time LA/LA Deconstructing Liberty at Muzeo - Anaheim,EUA - Museum and Cultural Centre Anaheim - Curated by Marisa Caichiolo
2017 - Political Bodies by Google Arts & Culture – Curator: MAC Bogota
2017 - Dja Guata Porã Rio de Janeiro Indígena at MAR – Museu de Arte do Rio –Rio de Janeiro, BR

2016 - 50 Contemporary Artists (during the ABC Contemporary) at Enter ArtFoundation - Berlin, DE - Curated by Suzy Royal - Selected works: “Fundo do Mar”, “Vanusa”,“Butterfly” & “Dança”
2016 - Medusas, Mujer-Mito/Mujer-Sombra at Museo de Arte Contemporaneode Bogota - Curated by Luz Adriana Hoyos - Bogota, CO - Selected Artworks: “Gula” (2012)
2016 - Terra Tenebrosa at Sin Espacio Galería - Cali, CO - Curated by Juan David Quintero Arbelaez
2016 - Ofrendas a la Pachamama at Sala de Decanos del Colegio de Arquitectosdel Cusco - Cusco, Peru - Curated by Jose Luis Morales Sierra and Ana Maria Reque

2016 - Ofrendas a la Pachamama at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Cusco - Cusco, Peru - Curated by Jose Luis Morales Sierra and Ana Maria Reque
2016 - Salon International d’Art Contemporain do Carrousel du Louvre - Heclectik-Art -Galeria, Paris - France
2015 - A Arte de Ajudar at Red Bull Station – Curatorship by BEABA – São Paulo, BR
2015 - Trabalha-Dores do Cu at Maus Hábitos Cultural Centre - Porto, Portugal Curator: Paulo Aureliano da Matta and Tales Frey - Selected Artwork: “Gula” (2012)
2015 - Abrahadraba at MAC - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Bogota – Bo-gota, CO- Curated by Juan David Quintero Arbelaez and Santiago
2015 - Transfiguracion at Espacio Casa Hoffman – Bogota, CO - Curated byJuan David Quintero Arbelaez
2014 - Simposium Curadoria América Latina, Vitrine de Projetos at Galeria Marta Traba- Latin America Memorial - São Paulo, BR - Curated by Juan Arbelaez, Santiago Rodrigues andAngela Barbour
2014 - AMORTEAMO at Marta Traba Gallery, Latin America Memorial – SãoPaulo, BR - Curated by Juan Quintero Arbelaez, Santiago Rodrigues and Angela Barbour
2014 - Ocupação Contempo.Art at Espaço Art’er – Curator: – São Paulo, BR
2014 - Opening Galeria Porão at Galeria Porão, Sao Paulo, BR- Curated Marcos Varanda
2014 - Xoxada at Casa MAO - Sao Paulo, BR – Curated by Patricia Cornish
2013 - Multiplos In-Comum at A7MA Gallery - São Paulo, BR - Curated by Enivo
2013 - Infinitum Cuerpo de Corrosiones y Placeres at Espacio Alterno Galería –Bogota, CO - Curated by Juan Q Arbelaez and Caridad Botello
2013 - O Novo Olhar Urbano – A7MA Gallery - São Paulo, BR - Curated by TcheRuggi
2012 - Acervo A7MA at A7MA Galeria – São Paulo, BR
2012 - Mostra Tarja Preta at Sumitra Atellier – São Paulo, BR
2012 - A Três at Choix Gallery – São Paulo, BR

2012 - Efêmero Concreto at Rio Verde Cultural Centre – São Paulo, BR - Curated by Deco Benedykt and Marcelo Nucci
Fairs & Festivals
2021 (upcoming) - FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE VIDEOARTE DE CAMAGÜEY - Cuba Artwork - Resistencia
2021 (upcoming) - Festival. Feminismen Festival 3.0 – Halle, DE
2021 (upcoming) - Festival Itinerante de Video Art Feminista at La Fabrica de Hielo (Valencia), Hangar (Barcelona), Ocho y Medio (Quito) o la asociación Women Being (Escocia-Portugal) among other spaces
2021 - F{R]ESTA - Festival de Improvisação, São Paulo, BR Hifa Cybe + Yslam Boys

2020 - Festival de Fotografia de Pindamonhangaba Curators Claus Lehmann, CamilaPastorelli & Beto Salgado
2020 - Festivau de C4nn3$ - a marcha audiovisual
2020 - F{R]ESTA - Festival de Improvisação, São Paulo, BR - Artwork: “Lurasidona”(2020)
2017 - PopPorn Festival, São Paulo, Brasil
2016 - Room Art Fair – Azucar Stand, Madrid, Spain
2016 - PopPorn Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2015 - International Festival Photography – Paraty em Foco, Paraty, BR w/ FOTOESCAMBO
2015 - photo festival.Juiz de Fora em Foco, Minas Gerais, BR w/ FOTOESCAMBO
2014 - SCOPE CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW w/ PSH Projects Stand – Miami, EUA - Selected Artworks: “Gula” & “Menina da Máscara de Gás”
2014 - FilaAc – Brazil-Colombia Stand – Latin America Memorial – São Paulo, BR
2014 - Feira Parte – Porão Gallery and O Grito Gallery Stand – Paço das Artes USP – São Paulo, BR
2014 - International Festival Photography – Paraty em Foco, Rio de Janeiro, BR w/ FOTOESCAMBO
2014 - Festival de Fotografia do Sertão – w/ FOTOESCAMBO– Feira de Santana, Bahia,BR
2014 - Design Weekened – Patricia Cornish Gallery Stand – Breton Actual – Sao Paulo, BR
2014 - SP ESTAMPA – Olhares Impressos Erotic Print – Fibra Gallery – Sao Paulo, BR
2013 - Paraty em Foco - International Festival Photography - Rio de Janeiro, BR w/ FO-TOESCAMBO
2012 - SP ESTAMPA – Urban Intervention “Manifesto” w/ Andrea Barbour – Circulando SP PaisagensTemporárias- São Paulo, BR
2012 - Virada Cultural – São Paulo, BR (Art Projections)

2010 - Friends & Family at Espaço Cultural Edigrapho – BR
2017 - Popporn Festival
2014- Auto Procesos y Proyectos Artisticos at IBRACO - Bogotá
2014 - Sexualidad Colonizada #1 - MAC Bogotá
2014 - Sexualidad Colonizada #2 - MAC Bogotá
2013 - Omicron School Of Photography
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