"The Painter" is an artistic performance about the figure of the male in the market and art history.
keywords: art market, artistic performance, male artists, sexual abuse, rape, feminism, sex education, gender
The Painter (2017) is about the issue of gender in art (art market and history), specifically the predominance of the masculine. Based, for example, on the artwork "The advantages of being a female artist (1988/2017)" from Guerrila Girls, who exhibited at MASP in 2017 and approach the contrast between the small number of female artists compared to the large number of female nudes at the collection exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York (5% and 85% in 1989, 4% and 76% in 2012) and at MASP (6% and 60% in 2017).
In performance, the constant and repetitive act recalls a sexual act in its masculine version, symbolizing how culturally, the predominance of men in art (whether in the market or in history) continues to occur, the canvas is the symbolization of women and non-binary artists and the white symbolizes an attempt to erase, along with the act that tears the screen, as a constant violation.

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