A tattoo done on the central axis, proposed to cause tension in the spine and in the peripheral nervous system.

Classified as an extension of the central nervous system (CNS), a spinal cord is neither a reflex nor a spinal cord. It starts at the lower part of the brain stem and ends at the lower dorsal part, forming or medullary cone.
A collection of nerves, known as cauda equina, leaves the lower part of the spinal cord (medullary cone) and serves for sensitivity and movement in the legs.

The tattoo, as done in this region, causes involuntary movements and pain in other parts of the body, where a tattoo is not being done, in addition to headaches and dizziness. The intention is in all actions, a tattoo done within the course, until one day, the entire map is painted red.
The countries of Latin America walk together, fight together and symbolize blood, but also a revolution, after a tattoo, or blood is deposited on a white fabric, like a flag.

We will resist..

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