keywords: commodity fetishism, urbex, abandoned places, BDSM, fetish, photography, manipulation, Marx, capital
“Gula” talk about the fetishism of commodity, based in Karl Marx’s critique of the social and psychological phenomenon in which goods appear to have an independent will of its producers. The BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism) aesthetic alludes to two products (girl and watermelon) and their measures, guiding properties that affect their usefulness and values that is based only on the currency and the third object which denominates the social relationship between the whole, hunger. Self-consuming, self-abort and swallow, the ideologies that the system imposes on us and so develop one of the capital sins, Gula, as we consume something that we need and are playing a part in a social theater. The photo was inspired by Saudek and the performer is Miss Tibia.
Gula participated in several exhibitions such as“Trabalhadores do Cú” at Espaço Cultural Maus Hábitos in Portugal in 2016 (curated by Cia Excessos), Scope ArtFair in Miami in 2014, Political Bodies (MAC Bogotá with Google Arts & Culture), Dinamismo, Nuevas Donaciones (MAC Bogotá), ABRAHADABRA (MAC Bogotá) in addition to being part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá, he has also participated in several exhibitions at the Museum like Medusa Mujer, Political Bodies, ABRAHADABRA. It has also been published in Digital Photographer Magazine.

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