This performance was based on Voluntary Servitude Discourse of Étienne de La Boétie’s, the name “The Oedipus Drift” is an illustration of Oedipus, a personage of Greek mythology.

The performance illustrates a society that, at the same time as it borders on tyranny, transforms itself into it, because it feeds on what kills it, the strings symbolize the act of being unconscious of not wanting freedom, but the strings are falsely imprisoned, symbolizing a lack of argumentative structure
“No, the masses have not been deceived, they have longed for fascism at certain times, under certain circumstances, and this is what needs an explanation, this perversity of collective desire.”
Reich quoted by Félix Guattari in The Anti Oedipus

The live was held at SYNNFEST – Festival of Alternative Arts in São Paulo/Brazil in 2013.

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