This work is about the identity and stereotype of “Latin female” in their immigration process, of the imagination of Latin female abroad. My body was placed at the forefront of a social experiment in various social networks like Tinder (since the approach is invasive and objectifying, from simple relationships like approaching on the streets) to stream networks, pornographic and softporn sites like Suicide Girl. The work was carried out during the time I lived in Germany, specifically Berlin and I directly felt the intense sexualization in the figure of the Latin during my immigration period in the country. As the discomfort was frequent, both online and offline, I performed performances and kept the reactions of the "public" with me, however, the intention was always to deliver something uncomfortable, such as requests for help in live pornography, philosophy on softporn networks, sound modulations to cause discomfort and blur in the genitals in videos for on demand networks like xvideos and photos of food and exchanges of recipes on tinder. Every action questioned power relations, Tinder is an example, typical and cheap foods were always placed in the image.

Social Networks
Tinder Performance

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