2010 - in progress
Rhizome, both in the descriptive or epistemological model in the philosophical theory of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari and in botany,
of the underground rod species, serves as a sign for this project.
Rhizome, suggests an exchange that transitions between virtual and physical, which will subsidize speculations originating contagions within our cosmology.
The project takes place within the Atlantic Forest Biome, a region between Serra do Mar, Vale do Paraíba and Serra da Mantiqueira. The residence that collectivizes, who produces it (physical) with those who consume it (virtual) based on studies of rural, eco and biological work.
The current climate crisis shows us that over the past century, human technology has come to play a crucial role in the general behavior of nature, both as a disturber of ecological balances and imbalances and as a potential curator of them. Parallel to this development, art seems to have become more closely involved with nature and technology, challenging, on the one hand, the conceptions of art contemplating nature as a distant landscape and, on the other, art as foreign to social and social interaction. physical dynamics of technology.
The critical and reflective function, and still in art? In the exchange with nature and technology, there are certain reminiscences of the ancient and ancestral periods when art and technology were aspects of a common area of cultivated products and their methods.
Techniques of indigenous, riverside and regional popular origins on cultivation, stingless beekeeping, riverbank reforestation, agroforestry, bioconstruction and permaculture - work and experience in the countryside and in the forest and its artistic, visual and performance characteristics.

The concept is to transcend all experience in a creative environment and simplify the way.
Rethinking the way of creating art and what it symbolizes in our environment and market, from conception to means and ends.

Pachamama / 2020 
Sculpture using the bio-construction technique (COB)  

 Pachamama is a micro ecosystem experiment created in a heart carved out of clay with principles of bioconstruction. An internal pipe was established with roots and herbs that allow a long drainage. In the sculpture, pests, vines, fungi such as witch butter and flowers like white lily were planted in different parts of the sculpture (far and near irrigation). Almost dry plants were also applied, as well as live plants with roots.

The experiment was left between a plantation of extremely humid soil (part of the pipe next to rain and river water fall, and the other side on dry cement soil.

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