Hifa Cybe

Lost &


Ano: 2022 – actual

Author: Hifa Cybe 

About the capitalism and its excesses

Digital Photography, Urbex

“Lost & Found” by Hifa Cybe, figure, the consumer society, capitalism and its excesses, divergence between capital and labor, environmental degradation, intensification of social inequalities and, finally, the extinction of human values. The scenario has a post-apocalyptic aspect, where people in a degrading nature, seek each other in order to see the other, however, they are blind. The name “Lost and Found” refers to departments of forgotten objects in establishments.

Making of




Performers: Bernardo Mendes, Candice Cruvinel, Danilo Rosa, Erica Ko, Gregorio Canderolo, Jackeline Weiga, Janaina Carrer, Jessica Mancini, Joana Darc, Paloma Mendes



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