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Ano: 2015 – actual

Author: Hifa Cybe 

Acculturation of gender violence is a series of performances held during the period from 2014 to 2017 that discusses violence against gender throughout history

Performances, Installation and Objects

Castração (2017)

Brazil has been experiencing a political crisis for a long time, which intensified with the Covid-19 pandemic. In January 2019, Jair Messias Bolsonaro was elected, faced with a scenario of political arbitrariness, since then it has been a controversial government that flirts with fascism and necropolitics.

Presidential Sash - Hyfa Cybe
Chastity belt attached to a 3-meter mast, aged with vinegar and muriatic acid, with elongation. The object symbolizes the state.Participated in the art exhibition “Da Forca a Liberdade” at Galeria Liberdade in São Paulo in 2019.
Project and Post-production: Luiza PradoProduction: Lord StellMast: Beto Noffs


Presidential Sash - Hyfa Cybe
The devastation of the feminine begins in its vital energy, in search of “power” and it is these relations of power and of absence, that women who have already left, struggling, do, is what this performance speaks about. A circle of fire recalls pagan rituals, but also the burning of women during the Inquisition. Nature, vital energy, ablaze, a female body amidst the circle of fire, wearing social clothing and a sash and crown of Miss, “the place of acceptance of the feminine, not the place where I wanted to be.” 
The saying; “I MISS YOU” and the position in which gods pose in their paintings, figurines, symbols, and in the hand, a vagina-like sore.
Like the 9 phases of the moon, but this time, on fire as the sun, burns 9 sheets of paper written front-of-verse with names of women victims of feminicide in various languages, as a nature that connects and inspires change and evolution; I miss you, we miss you.

E Daí? (2020)

Brazil has been experiencing a political crisis for a long time, which intensified with the Covid-19 pandemic. In January 2019, Jair Messias Bolsonaro was elected, faced with a scenario of political arbitrariness, since then it has been a controversial government that flirts with fascism and necropolitics.

Violence - Object - Hifa Cybe

We can consider that the lack of structure and assistance to the most needy, including indigenous people, people living in remote and peripheral areas are more emergent in times of pandemic. In addition to the lack of aid, precarious conditions in the area of health that is a daily occurrence in Brazil, our country also faces a political crisis (in addition to the economic that has been going on since 2014).
During this period, two ministers of health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta and Nelson Teich, the exoneration of both, was specifically due to the direct interference of the president in health strategies against the corona virus, which has no medical or scientific training. Inspired by Trump, Bolsonaro wants to include chloroquine in the official protocol of the SUS (Public Health System) even though medically having several side effects and not having scientific proof of any efficacy in the treatment of the corona virus.
Bolsonaro also referred to the Corona Virus as “little flu” and that people with “athlete backgrounds” were less likely to die from the virus. There was also speculation that the president had contracted the disease, and he, in addition to not publishing his examination, went out on the streets without a mask, inciting the crowd and coughing close to people.

During the pandemic, the minister of justice, Sergio Moro, also resigned, claiming that the president wanted to intervene politically in the investigations of the Federal Police, recalling that allies and the president’s family have specifically 6 cases being investigated by the PF, one of them the murder of city councilwoman Marielle Franco.

The name of the performance “E dai?” by the artist Luiza Prado it is about an interview that Bolsonaro gave, on Tuesday, April 28, when he was asked by a journalist about the deaths in Brazil, which at the time totaled 5,017 deaths, exceeding the total deaths in China, and his answer was: ‘And? Am sorry. What do you want me to do? ’, Says Bolsonaro about coronavirus deaths; ‘I am Messiah, but I do not do miracles’


“Empowering and Feminist Workshop Made by Men Photographers” is part of a series of works that questions the manipulation of the feminine while image and object inside photography, specifically the sexuality and nudity of the portrayed woman. This performance is a critic to the sexual absuse in the photography scene and the appropriation of the feminine speach within projects, and so a deletion of the women professionals, besides the vunerability of the models. And as something cultural, as a teaching, that goes from one person to another, the performance is a “Workshop”.

The sentences spoken in the video are based in true facts. A research was carried out with artistic nude models and all of the sentences said did happen.


This artwork is about the environmental impacts of livestock, land structure and land use in Brazil and the impact on the Brazilian table.

Brazil is a production power, which produces much more than enough to end hunger and poverty in the country, however 24.8 million Brazilians lived in poverty, 53% more than in 2014, according to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

Deforestation is a very common practice for farming. The removal of vegetation cover causes the reduction of biodiversity, extinction of animal and plant species, desertification, erosion, reduction of soil nutrients, contributes to global warming, among other damages.
In addition to environmental impacts such as: burning that intensifies air pollution, reducing soil nutrients, about half of all protein produced in the world is used as feed.

In Brazil 79% is transformed into feed, while only 16% is destined for human consumption. Although meat and meat products represent only 12% of the calories consumed globally, 75% of the world’s agricultural land is used for grazing and feed production –

Gourmet is a photographic work, whose Brazilian flag was cut into beef. We are one of the largest agricultural producers in the world, but with an alarming level of miserable people, with 24.8 million Brazilians living in 2016 with an income below ¼ of the minimum wage per month, equivalent to R $ 220, or or 12.1% of the country’s population live in poverty, as indicated in the Synthesis of Social Indicators (SIS).

The production, basic food, vegetable proteins intended for cattle is the gourmetization of probity and privilege.

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Warning! Watch out for scams and false information. From 2010 I used my first and second name (Luiza Prado) and only from 2020 I started using Hifa Cybe because of hate attacks, slander and defamation, cyberbullying, among others, this resulted in psychophobic, xenophobic, facist attacks and misogynists.
So be careful if this work is used under another name or clipping links, exhibitions or curriculum. Any suspicion, forward it by email, which will be directed to the legal department. Thank you for your understanding (However, the scientific work continues to be used with my name and surnames.)

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