Hifa Cybe

Diary with memories

I do not have

Ano: 2014 – actual

Author: Hifa Cybe 

This project involving desensitizing traumatic memories related to sexual violations using photography, noise and performance. In this project, EMDR and psychodrama techniques were used specifically and my body and my story were used as an experiment

Performances, Installation and Objects

Presidential Sash - Hyfa Cybe

“Chimera to affirm the impossibility of transforming past experiences, because if I crave the sky, not having wings, I am only a reverie for those who look at me. But, even unable to fly with my fixed feet in which I am predestined arrested, this floor that roots me is no longer absolute looking to what I crave so hard. My eyes fixes itself to the worldly desire, changing all the perspective, creating hardness, so I become the most beautiful of all birds. This is the moment in which I discover that, the accusation is the comfort of the prisoner, because he points to what he doesn’t know and believes to fly is an illness.” – Hifa Cybe  

Photography is taken in a dramatic representation, used as a central approach and exploration of the self-psyche, emotional linkages, mental disorders, traumas and depression, in the case of memories that occurred in a substantial past, for the construction of the present.

This same past is over, allowing changing lived situations, going to a new path to that experience through the photographic reprocessing.

Children's Drawing Analysis

Violence - Object - Hifa Cybe

Paternally my family was mostly mentally disabled, in short, suffering from schizophrenia. By stimulation of a second-degree uncle, Sávio (codenamed) who suffered of this disease, I started drawing everything that I felt and what was going on around me. Drawing was the first form of figurative expression of my trauma. Below, they address sexuality, abuse and domestic violence and were made at the age of 3 to 5 years old.


“Rape” (video-performance) is about my process of talking about the sexual violations, which the only possible dialogue was with images, specifically during psychological therapies – the video has no voice, is muted, and this is purposely symbolic because I was unable to verbalize what had happened to me.


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